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A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O'Connor (Audiobook)

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O'Connor'S Use Of Setting To Predict The Outcome In "A Good Man Is Hard To Find"

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  • Essay Preview: O'Connor'S Use Of Setting To Predict The Outcome In "A Good Man Is Hard To Find"!
  • Analysis of a good man is hard to find the misfit;
  • A Good Man Is Hard to Find Setting!
  • A Good Man is Hard to Find.
  • Here are some ways our essay examples library can help you with your assignment: Brainstorm a strong, interesting topic Learn what works and what doesn't from the reader's perspective. What hooks you? Although the plot is quite different in the mentioned stories, the cast of characters remains the same.

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    Hopewell, the woman who is running a household and rents the room to her tenants. The both women embody everything that the old South possessed, the morals to adhere to, the reliability and the hope for the future.

    A Good Man Is Hard to Find Setting

    And they gradually change as their beliefs are turned into ashes. With their shattered dreams and the new ideas that they think to have acquired on their own, while these concepts were carefully put into their consciousness by the propagandists of the new century ideals, they are equally tragic figures, since they have nothing to take as the cornerstone for their future life — these are only the stepping stones that they can find.

    Sad, but true, such is their story. Speaking about the villains in the both stories, one could say that these are not the certain people, and these are not people at all, but the evil embodied into mere mortals. However strange that might sound, the villains in the novels are used as the symbol of the changes that have been brought to the South. These are not people, but the fiery breath of the new that battles wit the old. As they say, it is no good to live in the time of changes.

    Such an idea seems rather logical. The pattern of changing from a quiet and humble human being into the raving and protesting creature is the idea that the novel is full of.

    Flannery O'Connor's Stories

    The change described here is of rather different character and it signifies spiritual changes rather than the moral ones. The lead character, the girl named Hulga, is supposed to pass the change of her consciousness and come into the world reborn — but reborn and wounded again. Hulga, on the verge of breaking down her defense against men and giving herself at last to a suitor, finds herself relinquishing instead, all unwillingly, her wooden leg.

    Orvell The balance between the images and the events is perfect in the stories, yet there are certain elements of differentiation in the both novels.

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    • They are balanced into a perfect structure which amazes wit its harmony and the beauty within. In spite of the fact that these re two separate stories, the images and the events of each coincide perfectly, and the novels seem rather close in the settings and the characters that they are telling about. The reason for the girl to suggest him a runaway is not because she had fallen in love with him, and it can hardly be the gratitude for what he had done to her, for the first moments with out the support of the wooden leg and the spectacles that she was used to rely on were full of pain, but not the relief, — it was rather that she felt that together, it was not that scary to oppose the world full of misunderstanding and cruelty.

      The images are fully corresponding to the events they are involved into, just as strange and needing crutches badly.

      The lame century was catching up with the runaways, and they hardly had any chance to escape, which the man understood pretty well, but which Hulga was unaware of. Poor thing, she had a lot of things to be disappointed about. The heroes of this story are a full match to the events that they get into, since the mishaps that occur to these people are just as absurd and ridiculous as those people themselves. Nevertheless, there are certain links between these events in the two stories, as well as between the characters of the novels.

      These links provide a deep insight into the atmosphere of the South in the times of its changes, and makes it clear that the main problem of these days was the beliefs broken by the stamping foot treading mercilessly on the values and morals of the people of the old South. This is what can be the basis for the similarities between the two novels.

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      The author could not but feel that the South was following the road that would inevitably lead it into a dead end. As Orvell put it,. Her conservatism was strong but not unthinking. What makes the stories seem so similar and yet present two completely different views of the matter is her way of depicting the elements of the story.