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Honesty Many people find themselves caught up in the everyday acts of vanity and honesty. Everyday people make decisions out of honesty or out of vanity. The changing of our society in everyday life is due to vanity. Even though most people are constantly acting out of vanity, you will find in some cases when circumstances change, people act more honestly, but ultimately vanity rules over honesty. Many individuals act out of vanity until the situation of things change for the worse. I believe I have learned throughout the course of many years that telling big lies only leads to more lies.

What will happen when you tell those lies? You will usually end up telling one lie to cover up another lie and eventually, you will end up telling on yourself.

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I remember this story so vividly. Home Page Research Essay about Honesty. Essay about Honesty Words 8 Pages. You have ordered only one cheese burger, but when you drive up to the collection window, the young trainee hands you a big bag filled with food and a handful of change. Or do you, B; say thank you to the young trainee and drive off happily with the huge bag of food and all the change, feeling lucky that the trainee made a mistake with your order. Of course, the first action suggested above, A is the honest and truthful way to resolve the problem.

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However, unfortunately, most of …show more content…. This in turn will agitate the people in the long line behind you even more. In this particular scenario, the latter solution B is the morally correct action, even though it may agitate the people in the line, you are doing the right thing and being honest.

Imagine if you were that particular checkout girl. Because of the fact that you are colour-blind, you can barely tell the difference between the different banknotes apart from their size and the number in the top right hand corner. Your boss is looking over your shoulder to see how you are doing because he is waiting for the last customers to leave so that he can close the doors and go home for the night.

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He spots your mistake but the sinful adolescent has already left. Is honesty always the best policy sat essay - Proofreading and proofediting services from best professionals. How does lying fit in with a life of honor, character, and integrity. Value of money has. Related Posts. So, it is said that honesty is the best policy.

Honesty is the best policy essay

Honesty brings reward and. It is a short essay and… I need to submit my essay paper within 2 days… I don't. Probably, every child learns this teaching from their parents. This beautiful teaching has been taught since time immemorial. However, its practice has certainly fallen short. People resort to lies very easily nowadays. Furthermore, there is rampant corruption these days. People deceive others by being dishonest. A major component for developing moral character is Honesty. Honesty helps in developing good attributes like kindness, discipline, truthfulness, moral integrity and more. Lying, cheating, lack of trust, steal, greed and other immoral attributes have no part in Honesty.

Honest people are sincere, trustworthy and loyal, throughout their life. Honesty is valuable and it is the habit of utmost importance. First of all, Honesty promotes authenticity. Honesty certainly helps people in knowing who you really are.

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Hence, one must be honest in self-expression. Honesty removes fear from the heart. It makes a person courageous and confident. It certainly takes a huge amount of courage to speak the truth. Speaking truth is a sign of bravery. The one who lies is a coward. Speaking falsehood is a sign of low self-confidence.

Another notable benefit of honesty is maturity. Honesty certainly reflects the maturity of a person. An individual is probably mature if he regularly speaks the truth. Furthermore, a mature person speaks the truth in a non-hurtful way. Honesty strengthens and improves relationships between people. It certainly helps in bringing people together.

Most noteworthy, it fosters a connection between individuals. Another terrific advantage of Honesty is the peace of mind. Honesty certainly makes an individual feel free. An honest individual enjoys a light-headed feeling.

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This is because he does not feel the stress and tension of lying. Furthermore, an honest person does not have to deal with keeping secrets. All of this feels very relaxing. Honesty enhances the reputation of a person. An honest individual enjoys enormous respect and status in society. Everyone seems to be fond of such a person. Furthermore, a truthful person can easily generate trust with other people.