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The pros of traveling during this season is that the rice fields will be at their peak. If you want to see bright green rice fields, this is the time to come. Mid-September to December: September, much like May can be rainy especially at the beginning. By October the rains have generally slowed but still, have some rainy days. The best times to see the rice terraces at their peak is also the rainiest time of the year. They will be somewhat green from grasses growing around them but where the rice actually grows you will see still ponds of water — which can be quiet nice.

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April to May: Famers will be in their fields and terraces planting the rice. June to September: The hills and terraces will be the bright green you might expect when you think of Sapa. Be prepared for rainstorms during this time of year. If we go back to Sapa it would be during this time. October-November: At the end of the season the terraces will turn golden brown when it is time to harvest the rice. This is a great time to get photos of farmers harvesting their fields, largely by hand, and getting them ready for the following year.

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Sapa is renowned in Vietnam for the ethnic minorities who live there. It is these hill tribes that give the town its unique character and feel — everywhere you go, you see the rich cultural heritage. In this respect, Sapa is unlike anywhere else in the country. This is really what makes it such a special place to visit.

Every now and again, you may come across a wedding or local celebration. Trekking to some of the nearby villages in Sapa that are scenically located amongst paddy fields or hugging hillsides is a must if you want to gain a greater insight into local heritage and traditions. This is a rewarding experience as you get to make new friends and learn about the local culture at the same time.

The hill tribes also produce some lovely hand-made ethnic clothes, textiles, and artisanal products. Purchasing some is a great way to support the local culture while coming away with a memento of Sapa Vietnam. At the sight of a sale, however, you may be surrounded by more vendors, and children will often approach you selling small items and trinkets.

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In Sapa, it is possible to take a Hmong sewing class so you can learn how to reproduce the local textiles and clothes for which the town is renowned. The first groups to move into the area after these earlier inhabitants were the Hmong and Dao peoples; they are still the most prominent of the ethnic minorities in Sapa today. The Giay and Tay people also moved into the mountain range around this time. From then on, the French influence only increased, and soon, military parties and missionaries started showing up.

From onwards, the entire region was ruled by the French colonizers who, at times, sent the military into Sapa to silence any dissent or resistance in what was a sensitive area due to its proximity to China. Over the following decades, French civilians and a military garrison moved into Sapa, changing the look of the town in the process.

Much of Sapa was destroyed in the hostilities that took place from the end of World War II until ; almost all of its colonial buildings were lost during this period.

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Vietnamese nationalists fighting for independence would target French buildings and personnel, while the French carried out bombing raids on the town in a bid to suppress the resistance. Due to all the fighting, most of the population left Sapa.

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It was only in the early 60s that the town came back to life again, as the new socialist government encouraged lowland Vietnamese to migrate to the highlands. Although in recent years Sapa has become increasingly touristy, it still has many authentic parts to it, and the scenery alone makes it worth a visit.

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Related Article: Best Vietnam Destinations. Is there Wifi in Sapa? Yes, our hotel had wifi and our SIM card had service as well. Book your tickets in advance for the train — The nicer cars fill up especially around the weekends. On the way to Sapa, we were in the caboose, people sleeping on the bathroom floor, and a rat scampered through our cabin as we woke up in the morning.

Go to the Supermarket — The convenience stores in town are very overpriced. We walked every other day up to the supermarket across from the lake to get water, snacks, and bread. Their baguettes are very nice and only 5, dong. They are still pretty impressive, but it would be ridiculously pretty if they were bright green. The worst part, even for the elevated prices the food was just bad. I had a few meals that were actually decent, but it was very disappointing because overall I really like the food in Vietnam. Thanks for the article.

One bummer, we are not trekkers anymore, at 70 and 74 neither one of us want to spend an hour…or a day humping through the mountains. We will also be staying in a guesthouse or hotel instead of a homestay. That said, is it possible to see views of the rice terraces from town or a short taxi ride away? Something like the picture featured above with the rice terraces falling down the valley with the old house.

You can still see some rice terraces without a long trek. You could take a taxi to Cat Cat Village to see a bit of culture and some waterfalls. A short ride outside the town should bring you to some rice terraces. Safe Travels! We are planning a trip to Vietnam next year, would you recommend us to visit Sapa by the end of October? Are rice terraces ,green? Thank you. There is only one rice season per year in Sapa and according to locals, the peak green season is in the mid to late summer months July-August. Our last visit was in February and the fields had not been planted yet and it was still pretty.

The pictures in this article are from January for reference. I am not sure there is a bad time to visit Sapa, but if you must see green rice fields, the summer months are your better bet. Thanks for the tips on Sapa…we are going for 10 days in May to Vietnam and we were organising to stay in Hoi An for at least 4 days….

Hue is nice just a little bit north of Danang. We spent nights there checking out the old citadel. There is also the marble mountain nearby. Have a great trip! The other taxi and minibus drivers will try and get you right off the train before you find out about the local bus. Thankfully we researched before heading there and knew not to hire one of those guys.

The local bus is parked outside of the train station to the left. The bus driver was waiting outside for anyone coming from the trains. We were just there a few weeks ago. I did the trek, too. Hanoi has a mild, tropical climate typical of northern Vietnam with a dry season from November to April and a wet season Read More Though it does cool down from December through February, it is unlikely visitors will ever need to wear more than one Read More The weather in Nha Trang is usually warm and humid for the first eight months of the year, making it a popular Read More Mui Ne weather has a tropical monsoon climate with the rainy season falling between April and October and the dry season Read More Phu Quoc Island weather varies throughout the year, so doing your research before booking your flight is crucial for a Read More Ho Chi Minh City enjoys clear skies and warm days almost all year long, especially between December and March.

At first glance, an unexpected rain shower may put a dampener on your holiday, but there are plenty of indoor activities Read More Home to lantern-lit streets, ancient shophouses, Buddhist temples and exceptional shops, Hoi An is arguably one of the Read More We try to provide free information that is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. However, if you are planning to travel it's a good idea to double check specific dates and information to avoid surprises. Most Booked Hotels Rating From. Brilliant Hotel 4.

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