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Although, there is an overall increment that has been enjoyed throughout the years in various areas of information and communication technologies, the improvement is very minimal in terms of global progression and not as good to be mentioned as an upcoming information society of the world. In fact, despite all these improvements, according to the ICT Development Index, Bangladesh moved down 6 places, from rank in to rank in This clearly indicates that there were countries that were ranked below Bangladesh in the index and they achieved significant improvements to exceed our rank in The country that expanded most worldwide in ranking is Pakistan, moving up to 19 places, from the rank in to rank in This proves that the country has improved in two areas of ICT while Bangladesh improved significantly in one area, which ranked us below Pakistan.

So, an overall consistent increment in penetration levels starting from mobile telephones to fix telephone lines and from internet to personal computers is highly needed for making Bangladesh the digital one.

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India has led the use of remote sensing satellite information for locating irrigation projects. The Internet has been effectively used in some of the villages to ensure effective dissemination of agricultural commodity price information. Towards digital Bangladesh we can use the Indian experience of using ICT in different sectors of the agriculture. Since more than half of our population is employed in agriculture, our planner should put ICT to good use in agriculture. The Simputer was developed by scientists from the Indian Institute of Science, and a software company called Encore.

Further, it has a local language interface. This is an instance of how the scientist, academia and industry can collaborate to develop technology to suit a particular economy.

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We can learn this lesson also from our neighboring country. Further, there are only 26 physicians per , population compared to for US and for China. ICT can help bring medical expertise to Upazilla and District headquarters. Thus it can bring connectivity between patients at remote end, with specialist doctors, for medical consultations and treatment.

Inadequate technical and policy capacity is a fundamental barrier to digital Bangladesh. One of the chief obstacles to effective e-governance is a lack of awareness about the usefulness of the Internet in policy making, coordination of policy implementation, creating portals in engaging important actors in the policy process, and in building an open and transparent public platform for wider participation.

The reason for Digital Divide in Bangladesh is that the telecommunications infrastructure is deficient. In Bangladesh, the telephone density is only about 0. ICT infrastructure support is inadequate as compared to other countries in this region there is lack of any centralized policy to progress of ICT in the country. There is also some lack of holistic approach to infrastructure creation.

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The Internet facilities in sub-urban and district level are lag behind. No suitable network among the research institutes is established. The economic condition of the people is one of the vital issues for computer use and internet connectivity. Most of which are not favorable in Bangladesh.

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The budget provision for establishment, maintenance and expansion of computer networks in the country is inadequate. Reliable power supply is a major hindrance to develop telecom infrastructure in the rural areas. The Bangladesh is facing acute crisis of skilled computer user due to literacy problem. Lack of skilled manpower in public and private sectors is created.

Information in the net is designed in the advanced technology which requires adequate knowledge for the user. Moreover, overall less educated community who are not very computer friendly. There is also some lack of proper motivational activities to promote e-commerce and e-government. There are very few web sites available in local language i. Information based web services have not yet available in the net with local information. As male group of the society can avail the web access facility from commercial centers or outside the home but the local women community of Bangladesh has limited access due to some social and cultural environment.

Use of ICT within the government is still limited as only a small number of civil servants have Internet access. The high cost of IT equipment accessories which acts a barrier towards proliferation of IT accessneeds to be lowered. Due to high tariff levels, the cost of hardware and software in Bangladesh is significantly higher as compared to the rest of the world.

Hence, we need to reduce the tariff levels of ICT equipment and accessories to bring even a bigger population under Internet coverage. So the Inadequacy has been created in the man machine ratio. As mass people in the urban as well as in the rural area use the cellular phone, we have to establish different kinds of mobile application. So they can easily enter into the information world.

Most of our people live in with a lower economic condition, so the house hold computer is a dream for them. As the literacy rate is very poor and a person must has a minimum level of knowledge to operate a computer, so it is not feasible for our country that most of the people have access of computer in his house and also use the internet.

But a mobile could easily be operated by all level of people. Those applications must be developed locally with relevant content and languages that promote advanced technology uptake. It is a knowledge driven technology; so, we need the people who have skill, knowledge, information and a level of education. For a future Bangladesh a tech shabby generation is significantly important. This generation would be the driving force for a digitized, prosperous and humane nation.

Development Story: Digital Bangladesh

To develop this kind of generation it needs to an education policy and national human resource policy. It is another hard truth that this objective could not be achieved over night, but a good beginning is essential, which will create the expected human resource that will manage, administer and govern future Bangladesh.

Ensure a wide range of value added services VAS.

DDoS protection.

People could be instructed about product feature and cost clearly by avoiding elusive ideas or language. The services that are made available through the use of ICT should be freely available to all who might wish to make use of them. Awareness building program could be launched for everyone in phase by phase or categorically or geographically to aware them how they could be benefited from the use of the ICT. Different types of IT education program could be launched for different people of the different level of education.

click It may be the IT discipline, Diploma courses, Training programs, only the introductory courses etc. Technology is important but not works without a person behind. Building of an IT educated work force is the most important segment of digital Bangladesh initiative. It needs strong commitment and strategic planning for sustainable Digital Bangladesh.

The motto of digital Bangladesh is to establish technology based digital governance, emphasizing the overall development of the country and the nation. The benefits of digital Bangladesh are many. If we can establish a digital Bangladesh. It will make people think globally and connect them with the whole world economically, politically, socially, academically and even culturally.

It will improve banking and financial activities. Agriculture, health, education, commerce — all these sectors will be highly benefited by making Bangladesh a digital one. For implementing this dream of digital Bangladesh , government has to take certain initiatives. First of all, uninterrupted power supply has to be ensured. We have to develop computer network infrastructures throughout the country. We also have to train our people to acquire ICT skill.

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