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Contrast different approaches available for your project.

Research Paper Thesis: Its Role & Significance

Describe and identify key assumptions and how they can control your way to analyze a research subject. This simple technique reveals your knowledge of possible limitations. A theoretical framework must mention any previous research and point out unstudied areas and existing problems while identifying the purpose of your work by discussing the existing knowledge of this topic. Explain the foundation for existing problems in broad terms. Describe how your proposed study leads to investigating them successfully or mention any gaps in previous research studies to address them in your paper.

Describe the case for your study and build its theoretical framework by giving references to prior research projects because a literature review matters to any thesis or dissertation. It should introduce a valuable literature review by mentioning major themes. Connect all dots between your chosen problem, research, and targeted audience.

After closing your theoretical framework, readers need to understand the context and content of your problem, its impact on the field, who participates in your project, and who will benefit from it.

How to Write an Effective Research Paper

Creating an appropriate theoretical framework for your study or project is an important process. How to complete it successfully?

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It requires a thoughtful and deep understanding of your research question, purpose, problem and significance, so you need to rightly align and connect all of these elements to let it be the best foundation for your work and guide your choice of data analysis and research design.

Imagine a theoretical framework as the electrical system running through your house. Your purpose, problem, research question, significance, data analysis, and methods must flow through each room to connect all elements together and deliver power. Every room in this house requires electricity and every aspect of your piece of writing must connect to a theoretical framework. It determines a root problem or other variables and offers an inherent. It identifies the area that requires your further research and helps you address existing issues, and you need to know how your theoretical framework connects to it.

It defines the main purpose of your study. There are certain questions that you should answer to describe how your chosen theoretical framework relates to this purpose:. Describe the importance of your exploration. You need to determine why your chosen topic matters and who considers it to be important, explain the potential value of your project and how it will add to existing knowledge, describe why readers should care about it, etc.

This section can help you detect the targeted audience. You need to use a special concept map to align your literature review and a theoretical framework easily and fast. This effective method will help you write a literature review in the best and most organized manner and ensure that you align it with your theoretical framework. What are the things you need to include and root in theories? All students can use this brief checklist before, during, and after writing their research projects to guarantee high grades.

Take these points into account to succeed.

Using Outlines

This detailed guide can help you create the best theoretical framework for your dissertation or any other important academic paper. Use our online services to solve any problem. You can always count on high-quality assistance at competitive rates. Our services are at your disposal 24 hours per day, so you can always contact our specialists and get help.

In need of professional academic backing? Acronyms never add clarity, though they can sometimes help with economy of words; nevertheless, acronyms do more harm than good. Clarity is especially important in the Results section, the beating heart of a paper. Writing should convey competence and professional authority and that is often accomplished by writing in first person and using the active voice.

Active voice emphasizes the agent of an action; passive voice emphasizes the result of an action. In a paper, as in a mathematical formula, less is more.

Tips on Writing a Research Paper on Solar Energy

Clarity can only be achieved by direct thinking, which is associated with direct writing. Precision of thought is important, and concision of words is a useful marker for it. It is easier to generate confusion with many words than with few. If concision reveals a paucity of ideas, then do not write more; think more. The most important biology paper of the last century was extremely short — Watson and Crick's description of the structure of DNA in Nature [ 18 ] was scarcely a page long — yet, it revolutionized biology. It is a major mistake to claim too much credit, whether for the strength of your data or for the originality of your ideas.

Science is an iterative process by which we approach the truth in tiny steps. None of us would be where we are without people before us who blazed a trail; none of us could have followed that trail without mentors and colleagues. Modesty is not merely appealing; it is essential. Do not misrepresent an argument merely to demolish it as this is intellectually dishonest.

In science, we struggle to illuminate the darkness of ignorance and darkness always resists light. One way to be sure you are fair-minded is to circulate your manuscript among colleagues. This is particularly valuable if you have a colleague with whom you have disagreed. A disagreement about a paper prior to submission can result in a stronger paper; a disagreement about a paper after publication can harm a career. You should also offer to review your colleague's papers prior to submission. Flaws and weaknesses are present in every paper; be open about the blemishes in your paper.

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This does not diminish your work; it builds credibility for you as an investigator and opens a door for others to follow you. For example, India was estimated to have 51 million people with diabetes. Component studies were weakened by differing diagnostic criteria, unconfirmed preliminary diagnoses, local, regional, and ethnic differences, poor characterization of measurement error, and spotty coverage in rural areas. Because these various weaknesses were known, a national study on the prevalence of diabetes in India was proposed.

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Your work may not be recognized as worthy of publication the first time it is submitted to a journal. This is the normal course of events; most journals will not accept a paper on first submission even from a prominent author, so the novice writer should not be discouraged. Your paper may require a rewrite; after all, which paper cannot be improved? But it may also be true that the journal was not a good fit for your paper. The best course of action is to put the review of your manuscript in a drawer and leave it there until the sting of rebuke wears off.

Then, being as dispassionate as possible, go through your manuscript with the comments in hand and see which of those comments are helpful. If the referees enable you to see something which you did not see before, or if the referees have made an error that you can persuasively counter, then it may be possible to resubmit your manuscript to the original journal. If you cannot respond to all of the comments by either altering your manuscript or rebutting the criticism, then it may be time to pick another journal for submission.

Often a clue as to which journal provides the best fit for your paper is to look at the references cited. There can be an alignment between what a journal has published in the past and what that journal is likely to publish in the future. Many papers go through an odyssey of submission and rejection before they finally achieve publication and some papers are finally published in a journal more prestigious than the original journal of submission.

Writing and submitting papers requires a thick skin and a resilient nature.

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  • This is incorrect; if a study is inadequately powered, it likely will fail to identify a difference between treatment groups. Careful analysis of the medical literature has revealed that statistics are misused in a great many papers and in a variety of creative ways. Statistical errors in published papers are so common that a statistician should be involved at study inception, to minimize damaging errors.

    If something is statistically significant, that does not mean that it is clinically significant, and clinical significance is far more important. Reality is strained when clinical trials use composite endpoints that make the trial more likely to obtain a positive result because such endpoints also make it harder to determine if a new patient will benefit from treatment.

    This composite endpoint conflates medical events that vary greatly in severity. This compound endpoint may have falsely inflated the odds that medication would be deemed helpful. Cardiovascular mortality was surprisingly low, since healthy people were enrolled and the trial was prematurely terminated.

    follow link Because few primary endpoints were observed, results are more prone to statistical fluke than if there had been many cardiovascular deaths over a long follow-up period. I cannot promise that if all these precepts are followed, publication will follow; talent, energy, and luck are also required. I cannot promise that publication will get easier over time; each new paper presents unique difficulties. I cannot promise that every paper will garner praise and honors, once it is written up; writing is just the last step in research and strong writing cannot compensate for a weak experiment.

    But I can promise that seeing the first publication — or even the hundredth publication — will be a thrill. Source of Support: Nil. Conflict of Interest: None declared. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Indian J Endocrinol Metab.