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Show More. The host cities provided all the necessary infrastructures and services whereas FIFA provided the entertainment. The organizational structure was based on a matrix structure combined with a virtual structure.

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A matrix organizational structure is the combination of a functional- organizational structure and the project structure. As FIFA was not based in South Africa but in Zurich, Switzerland a virtual structure needed to be combined with the matrix structure in order to meet all organizational and strategic objectives within the organization concerning the FIFA World Cup projects.

The reason why I say a virtual structure needed to be included was because a virtual structure is defined as geographically dispersed groups of people who communicate from different locations. The mission of this megaproject was to stage the best football World Cup ever. It was.

Read More. Words: - Pages: 8. Tourism Policies in Rio de Janeiro for the and Games employment potential and the massive foreign income for the South American country given the World Cup and the Olympic Games.

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Words: - Pages: Popular Essays. Ready To Get Started? Create Flashcards. Discover Create Flashcards Mobile apps. The main purpose of this section is to elucidate the internal strengths and weaknesses of the FIFA World Cup event which, in the view of the Brazil bidding board, could substantially influence the trajectory and outcome of the bidding process, especially in relation to the comprehensive and focused attempt by the Brazilian government and other relevant stakeholders to bid for the rights to host the FIFA World Cup.

If the FIFA World Cup in South Africa was able to draw a cumulative audience of 8 billion people Futures Sport Entertainment , it is unimaginable how the image value and reputation of the Brazil and its cities will be enhanced if only the country is lucky to win the rights to host the World Cup.

'MATCH 64': The inside story of the 2010 Final

There exists a multiplicity of challenges that are intrinsically related to the hosting of mega-events such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics. A huge public spending is also earmarked for the construction of new amenities as well as modernizing the already existing ones, including airports, hotels and the transit system. Contingency plans also need to be put in place to deal with adverse environmental concerns attributable to the tourists travel, their food and consumption dynamics, the massive noise and waste generated by the presence of many visitors in the selected hosting cities Collins et al Security arrangements may also present some difficulties to the organizing committee as witnessed in the recently concluded London Olympics.

The noted income inequalities may jeopardize efforts made by the country towards ensuring that local populations are factored in as an important revenue entity through ticket sales. Football is embedded in the daily lives of Brazilians, implying that the country has the capacity to attract huge audiences due to its football history as well as its many football legends.


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Indeed, the public has a huge enthusiasm for football FIFA Brazil is currently grappling with the problem of lack of safety and security in certain parts of the country due to gun and drug related crimes, but the most important factor is that the government has the needed material and non-material resources as well as the technical know-how to improve the security situation before the commensurate date FIFA Additionally, the country has been on the spotlight due to media reports that her security machinery constantly engages in numerous human rights abuses such as extrajudicial killings, employment of excessive force, unwarranted beatings, abuse, and persecution of prisoners Bertelsmann Stiftung Transformation Index Brazil is at the pinnacle of the technology revolution in Latin America.

It is imperative to note that greater exploitation of these essential technology assets is not only going to substantially benefit the hosting of the World Cup in different Brazilian cities separated by time and space, especially in relation to enhanced accessibility, effective communications and cost-friendly marketing initiatives, but they will work in tandem to curtail operational costs, improve the quality of life of the visitors during the entire hosting period, as well as trigger more innovative and creative conceptions Leonardsen Although the legal system in Brazil has been a subject of scientific inquiry due to issues related to corruption and inefficient delivery of justice Bertelsmann Stiftung Transformation Index , the democratic space recently enjoyed in the country has made it possible for the legal system to become increasingly responsive to the needs and expectations of people.

However, event planners should come up with contingency plans to ensure the adverse effects of increased human settlement in some cities within Brazil are successful dealt with Bertelsmann Stiftung Transformation Index This section undertakes a critical analysis of the competitive external environment. To be successful in its bid, therefore, the committee must actively develop the capacity to not only anticipate the competitive moves made by other candidate countries, but also be aware of the probability of the having to battle it out with other new entrants for the rights to host the month-long sporting event.

Gallery: 100 days to the 2010 Fifa World Cup

Additionally, the country needs to play its cards carefully knowing that there exists intense rivalry between countries that would want to use the FIFA World Cup as a springboard to socioeconomic, infrastructural and tourism development and hence may want to use its bargaining power e. Brazil demonstrates numerous success factors in its bid to host the FIFA World Cup, but the most relevant ones include:. It is impossible to analyze these success factors individually due to limited space.

These cities are interlinked with an excellent transport system that only needs very minor improvements to be able to meet the challenges presented by hosting the competition.

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  • This analysis is premised on addressing the SWOT issues identified in previous sections of the proposal. To ensure successful hosting of the World Cup, Brazil may want to consider doubling its security personnel before to provide adequate security to crime hotspots as well as event venues. Owing to a lack of strong corporate support FIFA , the government and other interested parties may want to develop programs and strategies that may lead to stronger and more fruitful public-private partnerships, especially in sponsoring sports events.

    This option is strategic in that it will not only ensure that the private sector chips in to fund the event, but will also raise the standards of the venues and other facilities due to easy access to financial resources.

    Fifa Of The World Cup

    Lastly, the education system may contribute towards the elimination of language barriers as the country prepares to host the event by designing and implementing an education policy that will ensure students in high school, colleges and universities are exposed to elementary English lessons. From the different analyses presented in this bidding proposal, it is clear that Brazil enjoys distinct advantages over other competitors and therefore should be accorded the opportunity to host the FIFA World Cup.

    As suggested elsewhere, availability of world class stadiums and cities, excellent hotel facilities and infrastructure, a big soccer-loving population, strong economic growth as demonstrated by the recent GDP indicator, as well as immense support from the government of the day, provide the needed justifications for Brazil to be granted the rights to host upcoming FIFA soccer competition. Of course there are several challenges that Brazil needs to surmount, especially in the provision of adequate security, straitening it human rights record and addressing social inequality.

    However, the country has the needed knowhow and resources to address these issues before the start of the competition. Boslaugh, S. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.